Thursday, December 9, 2010

Money Laundering

Mexican Drug Money Photo 2 

I have a new hobby. Money laundering!  Well, unfortunately not this much cash. 

I was dropping off the little one at preschool Tuesday and parked in front of the bar. No she does not go to preschool in a bar, although not a bad idea. The preschool could function in the day and the bar at night? Hmmm. Anyway, her preschool is located in a shabby strip mall next to a dive bar. It is a great preschool, just a little trashy location. 

As I got everyone out of the car in the drizzly morning dew I noticed a $20 bill on the ground. It was wet and dirty like it had been there all night. Obviously someone did not end up paying for a round the night before at the bar.  As I bent over to pick it up I sort of looked around as if to see if the owner was nearby. If the owner was still nearby from the drunken night before I don't think I would have wanted to run into them. My first reaction was to think of how to return it to them. I was not about to take my kids into the bar searching for an owner. So the old saying, "finders keepers losers weepers" kicked in. This bill was pretty dirt and who knows what germs it contained. I shoved it in my pocket to take home and wash it off. Yes, laundering money is not always a crime. I spent my morning free time thinking of ways to spend my treasure. I decided that since I had found the money I would try to pay it forward as well. 

Today I took the trashy bill to starbucks and bought 4 five dollar gift cards. Now, friends who read this blog, don't be lurking at your mail box looking for your gift card. I am going to pay it forward to the people in our lives we don't always remember to appreciate. The postal lady (even though she is quite crabby, and often doesn't take my out going mail), the UPS lady (because she works super hard and always pets our nutty barky dog and gives him milk bones), and two other unsuspecting elves. I hope it brings a little Christmas cheer to these people and to the person who lost the $20 I hope it is not too much of a hardship to you, a couple less beers never did anyone any harm! 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. love it ! and the picture is great too. I see what you mean . it adds to the post.
    I think that is fabulous and the UPS lady totally deserves it.
    I bought my Muni driver a gingerbread man cookie from Coffee Bean today and you would have thought I gave him a wad of cash. felt pretty darn good.
    going to have a beer. night my dear friend.