Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dream Home

dream homes
I know when my husband and I bought our home we had to make some concessions on things we would like to have and things we had to have. One of the things we caved on is a formal dining room. We have a lovely eat in kitchen but no formal dining room to entertain in. This is one feature I know we won't compromise on in our next home. An attached garage is a must as well!! Oh and a gas cooking stove. The list goes on and on. One fun thing about getting a formal dining room is getting to buy nice dining room furniture. I know my husband would love modern dining room furniture from CSN stores. I would just like something we can all sit around for Sunday roast dinner and not have to clear off all the weeks mail, play doh, and craft projects. At CSN stores you can find fabulous modern dining room furniture and everything else you would need to stock your kitchen too. I find something new I "have to have" each time I browse the site. That is why I am so excited for my next review of a product from CSN stores! Don't you think our modern dining room furniture would look spectacular in the dream home above? A girl can dream can't she? Did I fail to mention the beach front location and infinity pool on the list?

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