Monday, February 7, 2011

Consider yourself warned!

It all started with this recipe for  Chocolate butermilk cake donuts.  Not that I am a huge donut fanatic but something about them just sucked me in. It was probably the sprinkles. My little one and I are suckers for sprinkles. I just didn't have a donut pan though. Here is where CSN stores come in! They have so many stores with so many products but I always come back to their cooking site. It was possible meant to be that they had a donut pan. Therefore without further ado I give you...donuts!!!

 Here is the donut pan I got from CSN's I know it is a single use item in the kitchen but it was only $10 and is it really so cute! I decided to make them for breakfast last week since the littlest one woke me rather early. Let me say, baking at 7AM when you are super tired is not the best idea! I got flour everywhere and I burned myself too!
 Here it is filled with that chocolate donut batter.
The finished product!! So cute! I didn't  frost them with the glaze right away because we were in a hurry to get to preschool. I did glaze and put sprinkles on them later that afternoon. I just did a powder sugar dusting for breakfast. Of course now I can't find the pictures of the finished sprinkles ones for the life of me. I guess I will just have to make them again.
I think the husband approves.

 I know this little one was a big fan!
 Here are a few pointers for anyone who wants to give it a go. The pan says non stick. I never believe them and always spray with a little pam. On the first batch I used Pam for baking and it left little craters in my donuts. Fine for a moon theme morning but not terribly attractive in general. The next round I went sans pam and it was fine. I just had to turn the pan upside down and give it a moderate whack! Oh and don't over fill the pan or your donuts wont have holes.
I am thinking I will try this recipe next Whole wheat powdered sugar donuts
Oh but then there are these Red Velvet donuts and who could pass up these chocolate stout donuts?
How is a girl to choose?


  1. um, yum! I think maybe I'll get this for the husband for valentines's day! Of course I'll make him the doughnuts to go in it too! Love this!

  2. donuts are my favorite ! I might have to buy this pan. loved the look of the finished product with the snow sugar (that is what I called it as a kid)
    I will have no cooking gear as I travel but I will have a waffle maker and a donut pan and an edge brownie pan. haha !

  3. I don't know who is lucky.You or you little fan.You found her as a child fan on the other hand at this age she knows the value of nice food stuffs.